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Solar Power by Jen Graves, The Stranger

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Seattle | Sun Yourself by Willie Fitzgerald, Postbox

The last time we stopped by Vignettes, the one-night-only art gallery that Sierra Stinson hosts in her tiny Capitol Hill apartment, it was for a Lindsay Apodaca show titled “American Spirit.”

Against one wall, there was a bright pink condom stretched over an irregular hunk of quartz.

In the center of the room, Mickey and a Minnie Mouse dolls had been sewn together, back to back, making some sort hallucinatory Janus out of Walt Disney’s cheerful, helium-voiced cash cows.

Off by the kitchen, a Garfield doll had been turned into a fully operational bong. (At one point, while guests were milling about and sipping champagne from plastic cups, Apodaca strolled by almost nonchalantly, loaded Garfield up, and then the burbling sound of THC dispensation filled the sweaty apartment).

We’ll cut to the chase: If for some reason you haven’t made it over to Stinson’s Vignettes by now, you’re missing some of the most interesting, ascendant and off-kilter art this city has to offer. Stinson’s made a name for herself as the curator of the moment, and now she’s bringing her talents to bear on a print publication, the seasonally appropriate “Sun Worshipers.” Featuring work by 26 of the city’s most interesting artists, the art book has more than 100 pages of stunning images and artworks, like “Connotations,” by Shaun Kardinal, seen above. Apodaca’s Minnie Mouse obsession makes an appearance, as well.

“Sun Worshipers” has already had a New York release (dahling!), and this Saturday (July 21) Stinson will unleash this arts compendium on its hometown. Also part of the celebration is photographer Ross Laing’s book “HELLAWASTED,” which is essentially a photo journal of his past year. He was, presumably, wasted. Robot Romantic and the wonderfully named (and very heady) Hair and Space Museum will also play live sets.

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Seattle Book Release Party

July 21st


With Performances by Hair and Space Museum and Airport

Music by Robot Romantics

Art and Installations by the Contributors of Sun Worshipers and HELLAWASTED

The Historic Egan House

1500 Lakeview Blvd

Seattle, WA

'Sun Worshipers' and 'HELLAWASTED' will be available to purchase for $25 at the release party.



Frank Correa

Graham Downing

Susan Robb

Kelly O

Debra Baxter

Matthew Offenbacher

Emily Pothast

Amanda Manitach

Ian Toms

Dk Pan

Isaac Quigley

Doug Newman

Serrah Russell

Robert Yoder

Zack Bent

Gala Bent

Shaun Kardinal

Kyle Johnson

Klara Glosova

Lindsey Apodaca

Greg Lundgren

Jenny Heishman

Ryan Horvath

Gretchen Bennett

Mike Simi

J.R. Furbush

NYC Book Release Party

July 3rd 6-9pm

Family Business

520 West 21st Street

New York, NY

Performance by Big Spiders Back and Hair and Space Museum